Specifications, Prices, Terms, Renderings and Other Information

Although every effort has been made to ensure that the prices and terms contained herein are accurate and current, at any time such prices and terms are subject to change, prior sale, selected lot premiums and/or predetermined options.

Prices shown refer to the base house and do not include any optional features. Photos and/or drawings of homes show upgraded landscaping and may not represent the lowest-priced homes in the community.

IChomes reserves the right to make changes to its home designs and to build more or fewer homes than currently planned. Community description and amenities are developer’s current plans, are not guaranteed, and may change without notice.

All renderings and floor plans in these materials are an artists’ conceptual drawings and will vary from the actual plans and homes as built. Square footage numbers are approximate and may vary depending on the standard measurement used.

IChomes cannot control future development and does not guarantee the preservation of any view or the natural environment surrounding its homes.